Acheode is an Italian brutal mathcore band born in the end of 2007 as a melodic death metal swedish fashioned project. Since the beginning lots of line-up changes happened. Just in November 2008 they reached the final line-up with Renè Montresor joining the band on the second guitar, next to Fabio Morreale (1st guitar), Marco De Martino (vocals) , Umberto Minari (bass) and Filippo Vanoni (drums). The first EP “As A Bloody Wedding Dress”, was out on February 2009: it is a four tracks demo, in the style of german and californian metalcore-deathcore. In the following two years the band was present in some important festivals in the north of Italy, in particular at Apocalyptic Sunday Infestation with Fleshgod Apocalypse in may 2010. In the meanwhile the sound of the band has been dramatically taken to extremes. In june 2011 Acheode chose Kreative Klan Studio (Verona) to complete the first full-length "Anxiety". New features: classic melody, easy listening and listener’s reference points full elimination, opening to melodic and rhythmic complex structures based on math, brutality and disorientation. September 2011 is a crucial month for the band that presented the new bass player, Mattia Sciannella, and signed for Kreative Klan for publishing Anxiety, to be realeased on the 15th of January, 2012.


Copyright 2012 Fabio Morreale



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